Lilac Bank Cottage before stonework clean up

After many years on the 'to do' list, we decided September was the month to tidy up the cottage walls. At some time in the past repointing had been undertaken with a cement mix roughly spread to cover lots of the beautiful stone work.

Not the best way to preserve a historic home for the future! Over the years the cement had lifted and there were signs of water beginning to penetrate the wall. Armed with all the appropriate paraphernalia, we set to work, the cement came away remarkably easily with no damage to the stone work and we were able to carefully remove the loose bits of the original crumbling lime mortar. Graeme made an amazing job of repointing with a traditional lime mortar, colour matched to the original by a specialist company in Glasgow. However I take total credit for the suggestion of the piping bag! Hopefully now wind, watertight and beautiful for years to come.

The picture above shows you the before version, below is the nearly completed frontage. We'll give a little update when the back of the cottage is ready in the spring!

View of cottage after work